Technical Rider

*News flash: we now can be completely battery powered- no need for AC power. Great for outdoor concerts!

We are a singer-songwriter duo with pretty simple technical requirements. 

Barb stands on stage left, Dennis sits on a stool (we supply) stage right. Both play acoustic guitars plugged in to their own small Fishman Mini amplifier (which has a direct out). The amps sit behind us on chairs or small stands supplied by the venue. Dennis switches to electric guitar and banjo, also plugged into his Fishman amp through an effect pedal. 

For vocals in small venues, we plug a Shure SM58 (on boom stands) into each amp, so that that the amps function as PA and monitors. 

In slightly bigger venues, we can use this same setup, and send a feed from each amp to a house PA to make the sound bigger. This also give us the ability to control our instrument and vocal sound from the stage when there is no sound technician. 

On bigger stages, sound techs can supply two vocal mics on boom stands and two monitors; and for instruments, can either mic the amps or use the direct outs built into the amps. There is also the option of miking the guitars/banjo to mix in an acoustic sound with the direct sound of the instruments. 

In each case we need AC power located behind the amps for two amps and the effect pedal.  (*except as noted above- all battery powered!)

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