Past performances

Sept 12   Kits Farmer's Market 
Sept 11    UBC Farm Market   
Sept 6    Tapestry at Wesbrook 
Sept 5     Kits Farmer's Market 
Sept 4    Trout Lake Farmer's Market 
Aug 28   Riley Park Farmer's Market 
Aug 14   Trout Lake Farmer's Market 
July 31   UBC Farm Market 
July 25   Kits Farmer's Market 
July 24   Trout Lake Farmer's Market 
July 9     Tofino Gust of Wind Concert Series 
July 3     Trout Lake farmer's Market 
June 27 Private party- big change! 
June 5    UBC Farm Market 
May 16   Kits Farmer's Market, finally! 
May 15   RESILIENCE: Virtual Choir Summit! 
May 8     Trout Lake Farmer's Market

Oct 28    Rhythm n' Roots on-line Cabaret! 
Aug 14  Tofino "Gust of Wind" series 
Aug 9    Trout Lake farmer's Market 
Aug 1    Kits Farmer's Market, finally! 
May 30,31  N Van Arts livestream Instagram 
May  4  Art in the Garden! N Van web and Instagram 
Mar 27  Crossroads Coffee House- Postponed 
Mar 15  Spring Equinox Coffee House, Brittania Comm. Centre 
Feb 29  Lora Loca's, La Manzanilla, Mx. 
Feb 28  Lora Loca's, La Manzanilla, Mx. 
Feb 21   Lora Loca's, La Manzanilla, Mx. 
Feb 15   Lora Loca's, La Manzanilla, Mx. 
Feb 7     Lora Loca's, La Manzanilla, Mx. 
Jan 12    Camphill Farm Community Hermanus, S.A.

Dec 1     UBUNTU! Solidarity Concert 
Oct 13    Kits Farmer's Market 
Sept 29  Kits Farmer's Market 
Aug 28   Tofino "Gust of Wind" 
Aug 24   Tofino Market days 
Aug 17   Kirk & Alana's Backyard Bash 
Aug  3    Trout Lake Farmer's Market 
July 21    Kits Farmer's Market 
July 19    Music in the Park- Maple Grove Park  -Van. 
July 17    Main St Farmer's Market 
June 29  Kits Farmer's Market 
June 27  Main Street Farmer's Market 
June 22  West End Farmer's Market 
May 26   "Art in the Garden" North Van 
May 25   "Art in the Garden" North Van 
May 23   "Taste of the Bay" Horseshoe Bay, W Van 
Apr 20    Riley Park Farmer's Market 
Apr 15     Downtown Community Food Hub 
Mar 25    Downtown Community Food Hub 
Mar 7      Deep Cove Coffee House 
Mar 2      Palapa Joe's, la Manzanilla, Mx. 
Feb 29    Lora Loka's, La Manzanilla, Mx. 
Feb 22    Lora Loka's, La Manzanilla, Mx. 
Feb 3      South Fraser Unitarians 
Jan 19     Killarney Saturday Music Live!

Dec 10    Downtown Community Food Hub 
Nov 26    Downtown Community Food Hub 
Oct 29     Downtown Community Food Hub 
Oct 13     Trout Lake Farmers Market 
Sept 22   "SHINE" Commodore Ballroom 
Sept 17   Downtown Community Food Hub 
Sept 16   Kitsilano Farmer's Market 
Sept 14   Crossroads Coffee House, Port Coquitlam 
Sept 1      Trout Lake Farmer's Market 
Aug 11     Wedding Party "Peter/Laura", Belcarra 
Aug 5      Kitsilano Farmer's Market 
Aug 4      Trout Lake Farmer's Market 
July 21    Village Vibe Concert Series, Port Coquitlam 
July 19    Steveston Folk Guild 
July 15    Mt. Pleasant farmer's Market 
July 13    Maple Grove Park Music Series 
July 12    Main St. Farmer's Market 
July 8      Kitsilano Farmer's Market 
July 7      Trout Lake Farmer's Market 
June 28   Downtown Farmer's Market 
June 24   Mt. Pleasant farmer's Market 
June 20   Main St farmer's Market 
June 9     Killarney Community Centre 
June 2     Trout Lake Farmer's Market 
June 3     Kitsilano Farmer's Market 
May 20    Kitsilano Farmer's Market 
May 12    Trout Lake Farmer's Market 
Apr 21     Nat Bailey Farmer's Market 
Mar 21    Downtown Community Food Hub 
Mar 2      Hollyburn Folk Music Club 
Feb 16    Cottage Bistro, Vancouver 
Jan 29     Downtown Community Food Hub 
Jan 6       Palapa Joe's, LaManzanilla, Mx. 

Dec 4     Downtown Community Food Hub  
Nov 6     Downtown Community Food Hub  
Oct 8      Kitsilano Farmer's Market  
Oct 7      Trout Lake Farmers Market  
Aug 20   Kitsilano Farmer's Market  
Aug 19    Trout Lake Farmers Market  
Aug 13    Mount Pleasant Farmers Market  
Aug 12    the Kino Cafe  
Aug 5     Trout Lake Farmers Market  
Jul 23     Kitsilano Farmer's Market  
Jul 22     Riley Park Farmer's Market  
Jul 15      Riley park Farmer's Market  
Jul 2       Mount Pleasant Farmers Market  
Jul 1        Trout Lake Farmers Market  
Jun 25    Kitsilano Farmer's Market  
Jun 10     Music in the Lobby, Killarney Community Centre,  
Jun 4     Mount Pleasant Farmers Market  
Jun 3     Trout Lake Farmers Market  
May 28   "Art in the Garden", North Van  
May 27   "Art in the Garden", North Van  
May 13     Trout Lake Farmers Market  
May 12     Crossroads Coffee House, Port Coq.  
Apr 23     Hastings Park Farmer's Market  
Apr 22     Nat Bailey Winter Farmer's Market  
Apr 16      Hastings Park Farmer's Market  
Apr 15      Nat Bailey Winter Farmer's Market  
Feb 14     "Lora-Loka" Restaurant La Manzanilla, Mx.  
Jan 14     the Kino Cafe

Nov 26    Killarney Community Centre 
Nov 6      the Kino Cafe 
Nov 4      Crossroads Hospice Society, Port Coquitlam 
Oct 9      Kitsilano Farmer's Market 
Sep 25    Mount Pleasant Farmers Market 
Sep 22    Downtown Farmer's Market 
Sep 18     Kitsilano Farmer's Market 
Sep 17     Trout Lake Farmers Market 
Jul 31       Kitsilano Farmer's Market 
Jul 7       Downtown Farmer's Market 
Jul 3        Kitsilano Farmer's Market 
Jul 2       Trout Lake Farmers Market 
Jun 26    Kitsilano Farmer's Market 
Jun 5      Kitsilano Farmer's Market 
May 29   West Van, The Art in the Garden Tour 
May 28   West Van, The Art in the Garden Tour 

May 26   Yaletown Farmer's Market 
May 12    Yaletown Farmer's Market 
May 7     Trout Lake Farmers Market 
May 1      Hastings Park Farmer's Market 
Apr 23    Hastings Park Farmer's Market 
Jan 9      Killarney Community Ctre, Music in the Lobby 
Oct 11     Steveston Farmer's Market

Oct 4      Mount Pleasant Farmers Market  
Sep 27    Kitsilano Farmer's Market  
Sep 26   Kerrisdale Farmer's Market  
Sep 20   Steveston Farmers & Artisans Market  
Sep 19    Trout Lake Farmers Market  
Aug 1     Trout Lake Farmers Market  
Jul 19     Steveston Farmers & Artisans Market  
Jul 18     Fabulous Block Festival ,  N Vancouver  
Jul 5       Steveston Farmers & Artisans Market  
Jul 4       Trout Lake Farmers Market  
Jun 14    Kitsilano Farmer's Market  
Jun 7     Steveston Farmers & Artisans Market,  
May 31   "Art in the Gardens", North Vancouver  
May 30   "Art in the Gardens", North Vancouver  

May 10   Kitsilano Farmer's Market  
May 9     Private birthday party!  
May 2     Waves Coffee House, Mtn. Hwy, N Vancouver  
Apr 25   Nat Bailey Winter Farmer's Market  
Apr 12    Hastings Park Farmer's Market  
Mar 29   Hastings Park Farmer's Market  
Mar 15    Hastings Park Farmer's Market  
Mar 1      Steveston Market at the Cannery  
Feb 14     Killarney Community Ctre, Music in the Lobby 

Nov 2      Hastings Park Farmer's Market  
Oct 12     Hastings Park Farmer's Market  
Oct 4      Waves Coffee House, Mtn. Hwy, N Vancouver  
Sep 21     Kitsilano Farmer's Market  
Sep 20    Kerrisdale Farmer's Market,  
Aug 9      CFRO 100.5FM Co-op Radio  
Jul 30     Oak St. Farmer's Market  
Jul 20     Garden Fest Fourteen, North Vancouver  
Jul 9        Oak St. Market  
Jul 6        Kitsilano Farmer's Market  
Jul 5       Kerrisdale Farmer's Market  
Jun 22    Hillcrest Centre, Hillcrest Fest Day  
Jun 15     Kitsilano Farmer's Market  
May 11     Rogue Folk Club  
Apr 26    Waves Coffee House, Mtn Hwy, N Vancouver  
Mar 21     Deep Cove Coffee House 

May 24    Genesis Theatre- Ladner, BC  
May 20    The Pub at Captain's Cove , Ladner BC  
May 4       Waves Coffee House, Mtn Hwy. N Vancouver