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Well polished, delightful sound, thoughtful arrangements and well conceived solos all complemented by the beautifully blended vocals.”

— John Hudson- Music educator


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Before they met Barb Fraser and Dennis Henderson each had a background of performing and touring in various styles of music- folk, blues, country, and more! Sparks flew when they were playing and recording in an original rock and pop dance band in Vancouver. They maintained their musical connection over the years and currently focus on song writing and performing as an  acoustic/electric folk/pop duo.


Duo exploring their sound: 
Fraser and Henderson to play Genesis 

By Dave Willis, The Delta OptimistMay 17, 2013 

Barb Fraser and Dennis Henderson will be adding another 
element to their sound next Friday when they perform at 
Ladner's Genesis Theatre. Henderson will debut his banjo 
at the latestlive@5005 concert. "We're exploring our sound. 
We've been writing for many years so we're developing a 
little bit of a catalogue of songs" says Fraser. "We decided 
we wanted to mix up the flavour a little bit. It's an amazing 
instrument. Dennis always amazes me, he just picks the 
darn thing up and starts playing. He's very talented." 
Henderson says the instrument has a certain beauty in its 
sparseness."That's what I like about it." 
The couple "met many years ago" while in a Vancouver band. 
They both sing and play guitar with a style that includes 
roots, folk and also has a foot in popular music. "We've played 
in so many different kinds of bands together and separately, 
we kind of meld all those influences, " says Henderson. Fraser 
notes they'll give a nod to a few of their influences with cover 
songs at the upcoming show ranging from Alison Krauss, 
the Reverend Al Green and Bob Marley. They have studio time 
booked for early July. For updates visit fraser-henderson.com. 

Linda Kidder will be a special guest at the upcoming concert. 
Kidder has previously performed at Genesis as a part of the 
Cruisin' with the Boomers show as well as with the band August. 

The concert is set for Friday, May 24, 2013, at 8 p.m. 


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"Congratulations on a wonderful concert!

Well polished, delightful sound, thoughtful arrangements and well conceived solos all complemented by the beautifully blended vocals. Even better, the real strength of your compositions are your lyrics; I really enjoyed being transported into the stories you told like a magic carpet ride. The metaphors were subtle yet powerful, too. 
The singles you chose of other composers showed your influences yet you remained true in form, style and substance to your own creations. You both have a musical intelligence that rings through, for sure: your ability to remember lyrics while balancing precision, intonation and expression still blows me away." 

John Hudson, music educator