News flash! ...a group is born...

"Friends Like You!"

We have been having a lot of fun recently with our good friends Lynn Wittenberg (vocals) and Doug Thordarson (fiddle/vocals) in the creation of the new musical group "Side By Side"! This photo is from our first gig. Just like in the song video on this page 'Friends Like You' - "...when we stand, we are Side By Side..."! Stay tuned for more!

This video was done for our Rhythm and Roots choir zoom get-together, which may explain choir leader Karla Mundy's cameo appearance at the start... also starring Doug Thordarson and Lynn Wittenberg as themselves.

"If Wishes Were Horses..."

Another year of choir, another year of zoom get togethers! This is our latest contribution to the Rhythm and Roots choir 'last cabaret", May 29/21. Lynn Wittenberg, Doug Thordarson and us took the honorary name "crazy boggers" for this performance- you'll see why...

We had another fantastic on-line get together with the members of our choir - Rhythm and Roots  (led by the amazing Karla Mundy)! Everyone had a chance to perform, and perform they did- it was very entertaining and also very moving.

2021 Event: together, but outside