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Events and shows

The Trout Lake Farmers Market is full of awesome friendly vendors selling fresh produce and handmade products. Farmers come in from the Fraser Valley and other regions with fresh-picked fruits, berries and vegetables, and artisans sell their own products. The market is a great place to chat with vendors and learn about their stories!

UBC Apple Festiva

UBC Botanical Garden, 6804 SW Marine Drive , Vancouver

Our 32nd Year! Oct 14-15, 2023 A family event for all ages, UBC Apple Festival celebrates one of BC’s favourite fruits. From learning about the diversity of apples to tasting rare and unusual varieties, Apple Festival is a great opportunity to discover more about this delicious fruit. Your visit supports education, research, conservation, and public display at UBC Botanical Garden. To make sure we deliver a great experience, we are limiting ticket sales and only selling tickets online. Buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment. Tasting Tent tickets are especially limited due to capacity within our tent so that people can try the most apples possible during their time slot.


"Congratulations on a wonderful concert! 

Well polished, delightful, sound, thoughtful arrangements and well conceived solos all
complemented by the the beautifully blended vocals. Even better, the real strength of your compositions are your lyrics; I really enjoyed being transported into the stories you told- like a magic carpet ride. The metaphors were subtle yet powerful, too.

The singles you chose of other composers showed your influences yet you remained true in form, style and substance to your own creations. You both have a musical intelligence that rings through--for sure: your ability to remember lyrics while balancing precision, 
intonation and expression still blows me away." 

John Hudson, music educator