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Feb 10/16
Hey, It has been a while, but here are more photos emerging from the depths of long-term storage. It looks like a history of some of the groups that I have been a part of: the first is Snark (!) which was formed out of the members of Burnaby's "Cross Town Bus." We played hard-rocking blues.  Next in chronological order is "The Deluxe Portable Band", playing jug-band, folk and blues. "Foxfire" was a group featuring Alison Hogan as vocalist singing original jazz rock compositions. "Doug and the Slugs" is next, playing you know what, I suppose. Last, but not least is "Jump"- a great original New-Wavey kind of band. There could be more photos that emerge in time!

Feb 15/16 
Anyone remember when the yellow and purple Kelly-Deyong Sound House was at the corner of Broadway and MacDonald?