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Fraser-Henderson is: Barb Fraser and Dennis Henderson, singer-songwriter duo, who perform acoustic/electric folk/pop music in Vancouver, BC. Before they met, Barb and Dennis each had a background in various styles of music. They performed, toured, and recorded, folk, blues, country, rock, and more!  Sparks flew when they were playing and recording in an original rock and pop dance band in Vancouver. As their personal and musical lives blended -voila!- the musical duo Fraser-Henderson was born. 
The music they create together ranges from haunting references of the natural world to advice on the simple pleasures of life: memories and reflections of what comes our way in the "every day". 
Using driving rhythms or the sweet interplay of guitars and voices, they conjure moods and tell stories- drawing us to the places that we all share. Whether writing songs beside lonely lakes, in Mexican hotel rooms, or late at night beside the kitchen table, Barb and Dennis create music that speaks to the heart...                       

Every song has a story- every story, a song!”

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Another year of choir, another year of zoom get togethers! This is our latest contribution to the Rhythm and Roots choir 'last cabaret", May 29/21. We took the honorary name "crazy boggers" for this performance- you'll see why...

2021 Labour Day weekend at Tapestry/Wesbrook, Trout Lake and Kits Markets!

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This video was done for our Rhythm and Roots choir zoom get-together, which may explain choir leader Karla Mundy's cameo appearance at the start...

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"Stay at home" tunes!

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