UBUNTU! Solidarity Concert for Scalabrini Centre and Sonke in South Africa

3688 W. King Edward Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Announcing a benefit concert in support of two NGOs in South Africa -- The Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town (https://scalabrini.org.za/) and Sonke Gender Justice (https://genderjustice.org.za/). These local SA organizations focus on supporting the needs of migrants and refugees, and addressing issues of gender equity and violence against women.

The concert will primarily feature singers/musicians going on a SongRoutes South Africa study tour to Cape Town in January led by choir director Karla Mundy. Performers include: Karla Mundy -- https://songroots.ca/ Fraser/Henderson (Barb Fraser & Dennis Henderson) -- https://fraser-henderson.com/ The Re:Sisters (Barb Coward, Janet Dempsey, Jan Hall, De Whalen) Fraser Union duo (Kathy Griffin & Barry Truter) -- http://fraserunion.com/ Georgia Hill Chris Horrocks Andrew Martin